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Our hot tubs set the industry standard for high-quality features in Jackson, MI.

ultra pure


The Original Eco-Friendly Water Management System

Standard on all Reflections Collection Hot Tubs D1’s UltraPURE® Water Management System has been the industry’s premier ozone-based hot tub water management system since it was first invented and introduced by D1. It features exclusive, patented, dual-chamber ozone technology that safely and efficiently produces clean, clear, sparkling water. In addition, D1’s UltraPURE system:

  • Is the world’s first UL-approved system that ozonates water while users occupy the spa
  • Provides virtually 100% continuous filtration, processing about 10,000 gallons a day
  • Is ultra energy-efficient: It uses less electricity than a 100-watt light bulb
  • Returns 84% of the energy it uses to the spa water in the form of heat
  • Is exceptionally quiet: unlike other spa makers, D1 uses a silent circulation pump


Whether you’re looking for a hot tub, in need of repair, or exploring options for your outdoor living space, feel free to send us a message.