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Our hot tubs set the industry standard for high-quality features in Jackson, MI.

ultra pure plus


Standard on all Bay Collection Hot Tubs

UltraPURE® PLUS builds on the original UltraPURE® system by adding our patented germicidal Ultra Violet light to our time-tested design. By exposing the water to a specific frequency of light**, UltraPURE® PLUS destroys any germs that may have survived the mixing chamber. Now when hot tub water passes through the chamber where UV-created ozone gas is mixed with water, the ozone-treated water/gas mixture gets exposed to an additional germicidal UV light, which is in a different frequency than the one used to create ozone. As a result, if a few remaining germs or unwanted substances survive the ozone treatment, they’ll get zapped by the extra, additional germicidal.

Minimize chemical use and cost. Limit the amount of time you spend on water maintenance. Get ultra clean, crystal-clear water and peace of mind. UltraPURE® PLUS is a standard feature on hot tubs in D1’s Bay Collection.

**For the technically inclined, this magic is mostly achieved within the UV lamp itself. The lamp is made up of two types of glass, each which contains unique trace elements. These trace elements govern the frequency range of the UV light emitted. Ozone is generated at a light wavelength of around 185 nanometers while the additional germicidal is generated at a light wavelength at around 254 nanometers. Just in case you ever need this for trivia, now you know.


Whether you’re looking for a hot tub, in need of repair, or exploring options for your outdoor living space, feel free to send us a message.